Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not a fan of change.

Last night I decided that I will for sure be attending Briercrest in the fall. Making this decision has been a huge leap of faith for me. I am very excited for many things that will happen while I am at Briercrest. i will be making new friends who will have the same morals and passion for the Lord as I do. I will be taking courses on my favorite book, the Bible! and I am sure that the Lord will be working in my life huge while I am there. 
At the same time that all of this excitement is happening I also have alot of other thoughts running through my head. I will be leaving my family who I have never been away from for more than two weeks. I will be leaving many friends behind and I will be leaving my bed behind!! I will also be leaving my job that I have enjoyed doing for the past year and a bit now. 
For the past little while now I have been very restless with what I should be doing with my life and Where I should be going. As much as I prayed about guidance from the Lord I felt like I wasn't getting any.
This is what i thought anyways.. Now looking back on it I think that God has placed many signs in my life leading me to Briercrest. I just chose not to see them or to push them away.  After making my decision last night I have felt a great sense of peace in my life. I am certain that the decision i have made to leave for a year is the right one.  
As scared as I am to be leaving my home and friends and family I know that this is what I am suppose to be doing. God has a great amazing plan for my life and this is just the first step to achieving what I have been looking for I guess. 

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  1. I am so glad that God has made it clear for you Danielle. I am also very glad that I am going to be able to share this adventure with you, and be a friend along the way. Your not leaving me behind, because I coming with.
    i love you