Sunday, February 7, 2010

A good Sunday :)

Today was a super great day! First I started off my day with a great church service! I loved everything about it. I thought the worship was awesome and the sermon was excellent. It was exactly what i needed to hear. After church me and Tausha went out for lunch with some friends which was also very nice. Its always good to be with friends and hang out :). I then had some sister bonding time with Taush until my stomach was destroyed so we headed over to James and Dianne's. Where we hung out with more friends and watched football. (I honestly dont understand that sport but did enjoy watching it!). Then me and Tausha picked up my friend Tyler and then headed out to pick up Megan for another church service in Coquitlam. Where once again there was amazing worship and the sermon was again exactly what i needed to hear. The pastor shared his testimony with us and it was crazy. Taught me alot! Just on how we need to give control of our lives over to God and stop trying to be in control. Because it gets very tiring trying to make all of the decisions for ourselves. It was just a super awesome day :)

I was also Reminded today by a friend that God is in control of everything. My friend was sharing with me that as christians alot of the time we think of miracles from the Lord as being uge things. Usually having to do with people and there lives. But we so often forget that its a miracle that God makes the grass grow. Or that he puts the sun in the sky when he does. I dont know I personally never have really looked at it that way. And was very thankful for the reminder that God really does control everything. He didnt come down here make everything and then leave. He is still on control! of everything that he created. Kind of crazy to think about. 

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