Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time for change!

For those of you who know me I have never been a big fan of change. With anything, I like things to stay the way they are. Obviously thats not the way that things always go and for a very long time now that has been something that I have struggled with. Up until now that is. Lately I have been praying alot for direction in my life and what exactly I am suppose to be doing right now.  
That answer has been made very clear to me lately, and for the first time since I can remember I am alright with the change that is going to be happening in my life over the next little while. I know that going to Briecrest obviously is going to be a huge change and something that I definitely need.  I know that there are going to be many other changes to come as well. I am very excited to see where God leads me and I am very ready for change in my life right now. There are so many different things that I want to accomplish in my life and now more than ever I am feeling the need to actually do some of these things. So I am going to! I am ready to leave this comfortable life style that i have enjoyed for so long and to get out there and spread Gods word and to be a light in this dark world. This is what I am called to do as a christian and I am no longer going to make up excuses. I am ready for God to use me wherever he needs me.  People need to here his word and know what he is all about, and they arent going to be hearing about him if im staying at home not getting involved in anything.  So no more excuses I am ready to do this :)
I am very thankful that God has laid this on my heart and it is something that I am very passionate about!

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